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23rd Fleet
Welcome one and all to the 23rd Fleet Forum! Here information on the 23rd Fleet will be provided and this will be one of the places for registration for the fleet. Visit or join us at for more information!


The 23rd Fleet was put into commission shortly after the Battle at Wolf 359. The Federation saw the need to create a fleet of the most state of the art ships in the fleet to function as a fleet which could provide both added protection for the Federation and continue it's goal of exploration and the discovery of new civilizations.

In the year 2395, the Federation appointed Admiral John Springer as the head of the 23rd Fleet. Soon, an intrepid group of explorers, engineers, scientists, and combat officers joined the fleet. Now, it is your turn to continue the story of Star Trek, to protect the Federation, and continue it's mission...

Fleet Command:

Fleet Commanding Officer: Fleet Admiral Springer

Command update coming soon...


If you are interested in joining the fleet, or have any questions about the fleet, feel free to respond on this thread, pm Fleet Admiral Springer, visit our in-game fleet information page, or visit us at

Thank you, and welcome aboard!

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The 23rd Fleet is open to all ages and knowledge ranges from the most hardcore trekkies to those who do not know much about Star Trek. The 23rd Fleet welcomes all who love the story of Star Trek and would like to take part in the continuation of that story. For more information, just ask.

Our fleet's forums are located at...

Thank you! And Welcome Aboard!

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Very nice, i would like to be part of Science/research Division please.

Thank you

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Best Fleet in STO.

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reporting in on here and saying hello to everyone :)

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Welcome to the 23rd. I am Admiral Kross, Commanding Officer of the Tactical Division. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and one of us will be more than happy to get back to you.

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You can find us in-game by sending a message to Springer@Fleet_Admiral_Springer or looking up the 23rd Fleet!

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