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Archived Post 01-31-2010 06:02 AM

Ugh, yet another dream about STO.
I must be getting obsessed with STO if I'm having yet another dream about it. Haven't preordered it yet because I can't get it until I get my paycheck... so I was feeling quite impatient about getting it.

And it didn't help at all that I was having my own little Babylon Five marathon on Hulu over the past few days...

That pretty much resulted in this dream:

I was my OB character and I was just randomly running around the sol space station doing something, I don't remember what. Then I was called into the admiral office because apparently he wanted me to host the diplomatic meeting of ambassadors from all worlds on my spaceship.
I accepted the mission, and with a few parting wisecracks I was on my way.

I found myself instantly in my own ten forward, which eerily looked exactly like the one captain picard had on his own ship. But there was no bartender there at all, which dispointed me for some weird reason. I don't drink at all, BTW.

I talked to random people there... and it was then The whole Babylon five thing came into play here. There was some Narns and the Morbari who were arguing with each other over something... so I came over there to try to settle things diplomatically.

The agruement went on for a long while... and I forget what it was about, because I wasn't really paying enough attention to the details as I was focused on their appearances.
I kept on thinking that something about their appearance bothered me big time...

And then I finally realized why. I then started freaking out on both parties, which caught them off guard. I yelled at them: "WTF are you here?? You two don't belong in this universe at all.... This is just sooo wrong on so many levels!! GTFO of my ship! But be sure to give Commander Sinclair my love."

So I had the Narns and the other group forcibly expelled from my ship... which upset them greatly. The Narns sent me an subspace transmission just to call me a witch with a capital B. :p

At that point I woke up.

My subconscious self tends to overreact to things, I've found. looking back at it, I wouldn't had cared if Babylon Five and Star trek did an crossover thing. Sure it's not canon but whatever. :P

Archived Post 01-31-2010 07:39 AM

And you havn't gotten STO yet?!?! I think you are going to have some very strange dreams once you get STO and are playing it non stop.

One time I was playing a Harry Potter video game and watching the Lord of the Rings too much. I then had a very strange dream where I was Gandalf trying to beat a level of the Harry Potter video game. It was very scary.

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