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Archived Post 01-31-2010 07:38 AM

The penalty for dead question solved !!!
Yes, the question about the penalty for dead is solved after the beta test. At this moment the question is absoluty irrelevant and obsolete.

กก There is no way to die !! if you play with normal sense.

Please we need some challenge.


Archived Post 01-31-2010 07:55 AM

Well, I've died twice so far. Both times were spawn-kills. Enter a zone and BAM! Surrounded by 2 fleets. Annoying.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 07:55 AM

Signed Op

John Zebrik

Archived Post 01-31-2010 09:00 AM

more informations:

10 minuts ago, my friend (John lieutenant 5) and me (Drac, lieutenant 4) with two light cruisers take the last wave in the mission (patrol volanis sector), two Klingons Warships in one minut, no evasive maneouvers, no problems, not fun .......

please, we need more challenge

Archived Post 01-31-2010 09:11 AM

Have you ever played an MMO before?

The first "newbie" levels as it were are always easy in MMO's.
Its called the learning curve.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 09:19 AM

Death Penalty would suck.
And if you keep playing you will get your challange.
Warbirds tractoring you while Norexans will own you with Rapid fire and High Yield Plasma Torpedoes.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by Alexraptor (Post 1814189)
Have you ever played an MMO before?

The first "newbie" levels as it were are always easy in MMO's.
Its called the learning curve.

Dear Alexraptor

Yes , i play a lot of them (UO, SWG, Everquest1, Everquest2, EVE, Vanguard, WOW, COH, Pirates OBS, LOTRO, etc,)

The learning curve is important. in your firts lvls you kill flies and sweet cat's, and after bears, wolves ...... and dragons and "warships" to the final.

Kill Warships at lvl 4, is not a learning curve with sense.

But i hope you are right and the difficult level improve with time and lvl.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 09:48 AM

Maybe the question is not about "challenging" "not challengin" or not challenging now, but challenging after some levels...

Here we have a problem of "Logical Structure" in the combats.

-Light Cruiser: Minimal firepower, nice speed and movements, about 200 on crew, no designed for combat, but yes for transport or recons.

-Klingon Battleships ( Vor'cha-class or Negh'Var-class) First one is a combat cruiser, with all energy on firepower, about 1500-2000 on crew, designed for being a "Flagship" of any klingon FLEET. Second one is almost the same, maybe bigger and with almost 3000 on crew. It had a minimal appaerance in STSeries and allways carried a general in it, wich means " VERY IMPORTANT SHIP".

So, if now im destroying with my IMBA light cruiser all kinds of Klingon battleships, when ill ve using a Galaxy class ill be killing Borg cubes on my own ??, maybe a Negh'Var klingon starhip used by an adult klingon instead the first battleships that were leaded by Klingon Children ?

Maybe its not about challenge, maybe yes, BUT PLEASE, MAKE US FEEL THE CHALLENGE, give us some logic, give solid structure to this game, let us HAVE FEAR when we target a Klingon BattleShip,

- Wow! a BattleShip!, lets get the **** out of here!!!, instead of : oh.. a BattlesHip, ok, lets OWN IT.


Archived Post 01-31-2010 11:12 AM

Well the fact that you can easyly own a Neghvar with a Miranda bothers me too.
But that doesnt really have anything to do with Death Penalty.

If youre smart enough you never die in combat anyway. (at the beginning its almost impossible)
Most times you die is when you get drawn into a Deep Space Encounter just after leaving a system and get spawn *****.
I why should you be punished for that... :(

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