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Archived Post 01-31-2010 10:12 AM

More Boxes?
Right. I wanted it to sound not so complainy, but we need more boxes, or more internets. Or more something. These crashing problems are insane. Crashing, dropping, servers offline. Seriously, the game hasn't even gone live yet, Beta is over. These problems need to be addressed. And after addressing them, they need to be fixed. People don't want to become frustrated with the game because they can't play it. That kind of frustration leads to unhappy customers. Which leads to unhappy FORMER customers. Having the servers crash 2-3 times a day is uncool. Having the servers crash 2-3 times a WEEK is uncool, but would be a vast improvement over the current status quo. More boxes, or better software, or whatever it is you need to do to fix this. Before server load stops being a problem because customers go elsewhere.

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