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Archived Post 01-31-2010 09:18 AM

frankly i want my money back
this is the worst game in respect to bugs, glitches, lack of support, half finished crap i have ever seen. did you think that because ppl wanted to play translated into it was ready? GM assistance taking 12+ hours? really? your a local firm ( for me) and i KNOW you have the people to do the work so what gives? Flying labs has better support and they are all stoners.

as of last night i got booted when transwarping to sol and now my fed will not go past the loading screen, it has crashed totally atleast a half dozen times, missons are incomplete and bugged, it's crap.

between this trash you sold me and chargeing me to patch champions i can say without a doubt unless these issues are FIXED ( no more stupid lip service ) i will never buy or play one of your products again.

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