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Archived Post 01-31-2010 10:19 AM

Seriously Cryptic! (With Seth and Amy)
Seth: Seriously??? WTF Cryptic its not like the internets were born yesterday!! Did you buy a Count Chocula box of dial-up connections??

Amy: Yea!! Yea!! and what with the "loading loading loading...." i mean SERIOUSLY you guys did have a MMORPG before right......right? did you read the MMO instructions before creating this one??

Seth: And for Spocks sake!! Didn't you learn "server loading 101" from the past 10 years of tooling around with this stuff? I mean to not figure out that a billion Star Trek geeks are gonna log on to this this is well..just dumb! SERIOUSLY!!

Amy: SERIOUSLY!! you guys do have home computers right?? and its not a T/I-99 is it?? Your not recreating Zork are you??? SERIOUSLY!!!


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