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Nay info on Borg officer?
I was wondering if anyone know what special abilities will the borg officer have and if its tactical science or engineer.

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I can't remember where I saw the devs post it, but she's an Engineering officer. Plus, she has the same traits as the Liberated Borg species that comes with the Lifetime Sub (Nanites, Efficiency, and Neural Blast). Beyond that, though, I'm not sure what she has. I'll try to look for the post about her while I wait in the queue lol.

EDIT: Found the info on the Pre-Order Exclusives page:

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"The Borg Bridge Officer features a unique costume and three unique skills: Nano Probes, Efficiency and Borg Neural Blast. Each character created receives a reclaimed Borg Bridge Officer to assist him in space and on the ground. The Borg Bridge Officer possesses unique abilities not otherwise available to players. Bridge Officers can serve with the players for the entire game experience. These special Officers are not customisable." Source

Havent heard anything about her having special skills for space combat. Engineer? I heard she was to be a Science officer? bah I'll have to re-think my BO crew now. :eek:

Edit = Spelling

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Originally Posted by deathecraft
Havent heard anything about her having special for on space combat. Engineer? I heard she was to be a Science officer?

Edit = Can a Kind Dev reading this please help us out with info?

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Thanks just missed it while you where editing.

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it does look like its going to be engineer since I see emergency power to shields thats what engineers have. unless i'm wrong cant double check with my current officer was kicked out of the game. lol

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