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Archived Post 01-31-2010 12:48 PM

why do all german peopel post on the english part of teh website
Why do german peopel always post there problems and crying on the english part of teh forum ?
they have theer own part of teh forum with tehs ame things we have.

Mind me i dont mind having german peopel or whatever race ther is i love them all .

Right now they are only whining about the login cue and demanding that there will be european and amis servers, why not mingled servers i dont mind i like it.

I played alot of mmorgs and sooner or later tehy always break them up in 2 or more types
and evry time i lose friends anf guilds fleets whatever they use becouse i get dumped on a european server
under the mom off : well the europeans have better ping times on european servers then ami servers, witch is ******** excuse my language.

These days i have even better connections to ami servers then euro servers, that peopel are put in a que so what thats normal at teh start of a game they just need to smoot out the wrinkels so to speak.

oh i have complained sometimes about parts of this game but most of them are fixed and so will the login que :P

So Cryptic please dont make teh same mistake Ncsoft made with COV/COH and AA they broke up nice guilds becouse they wanted eu and ami servers and it did not bring tehm any good especialy with aa

first they devide the servers up in eu and ami then when it all colappses and not many people keep playing
they merge them back but its aleday to late.

Oh 1 last note if peopel complain on forums then i understand but after reading alot of german posts the only thing i read is we want a refund of some kind becouse of we cant log in.

they are compensated by geetting to play ahead of the rest and could play in beta if they dont like it then they need to stop playing

So what are the oher peopels thoughts about this
and again its not ment as any kind of flaming on german people by ny part just find it curious that evrybody complains here and not on there own part of theh forum .

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