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Archived Post 01-31-2010 01:03 PM

The People To Blame....
The reason the servers keep crashing (or at least what they have indicated as the primary reason for the past few days) is an issue with extrodinarily high traffic in the zone and global chat lines....the most frustrating thing is, EVERYBODY is talking about nothing important.

WTF did you buy a video game for if you are just going to spend hours discussing who would win in a c o c k fight, Spock or Worf? SERIOUSLY?

Oh and typing "Where's Sulu?" in a hundred different ways trying to be funny is pretty f*ucking lame at this point.

STFU and play the game, if you have an actual question about something that absolutely must be answered in game than do so...if not, come to the forums and ask.

F*cking *******.

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