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Archived Post 01-31-2010 03:07 PM

Login Cue? What The Frak?
Whats going on with the game servers. I'm about to leave the Pjem level after busting some 8472, and as i beam up, i get booted from the server. furthermore, now there is a que of 1600+ people in line to get online again? WE ARE ONLY IN THE HEAD START! UNBELIEVABLE! what happens when people start buying this game after feb 2nd? whats going on? This is the 2nd time ive been booted right when i finish a mission!


If this is how Cryptic is gonna run this, I want a refund for my yearly and for my game full out. ive spent a total of $200 on this game and I want it back if we are gonna be crapped on by the heads of cryptic.

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