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Archived Post 01-31-2010 03:17 PM

Queue, Disconnect, Lag !!!
This is just absurd the new queue system and disconnect.
You wait for half an hour to login. Playing gaim for 1h, not to mention 20 min of that play time you are waiting for map change or instance chage or whatever. You get disconnected and wolla you are back in queue and can't play for 1h.

So let me guess:
5+ hours a day of server mainteinance.
2+ hours of waiting due to map change
2+ hours of waiting to log in and play the game (queue)

that's 9h of time we are loosing while paying the game.
Are you serious ???

You call this a nice start.
I am just wondering when the game will go in full release (not pre-oreder) what will happen ???
The servers will be unplayable for 12h so half a day, will you charge for monthly subscription 1/2 price ???

OMG i am mad, i am the customer and i am paying for this.
It's just one big - (minus) from my point of view so fix it for the god sake.

Why did you release it ??? To greedy aren't you, just get the money and let the customer suffer.

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