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Archived Post 01-31-2010 03:57 PM

It's a neat deal for MMO companies (Re: Launch Incompetence)
No matter how many years MMOs have been around, and no matter how many of them each company releases, they still remain completely oblivious as to how they should prepare for the launch of their product. Sell thousands upon thousands of pre-orders, take everyone's money, but don't prepare to deliver the product to everyone who paid. You constantly see chat littered with defense arguments like "such and such game also had the same problems so get over it" but when are these gaming companies going to wake up?! How could you have all the resources at your disposal to design a game like this but be absolutely CLUELESS how to prepare for its launch or even its advertised "head start"?!

I would be so absolutely EMBARRASSED to be in any management position of any company that was always so ill-prepared for every foreseen event. Take some of the millions of dollars consumers paid you and invest it into delivering the product instead of posting countless "unexpected downtime" notices.

Thank you and goodnight.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 04:01 PM

i totally agree with you this is so stupid, im honestly so close to just dumping this game for a few weeks/months so they can just get through the worst of it and get it stable at last! :mad:

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