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Archived Post 01-31-2010 05:04 PM

Gold sellers in STO: Is it really worth it?
"Gold selling" has been around forever, probably since the WoW era anyway. I was curious and googled it, and there are companies (usually in china) who get credits and sell them online for a generally unreasonable price. like.. 100,000 credits for 30 bucks I guess. Is this really worth it? Also, wouldn't there be a way for cryptic to track every single transaction or trade by every player in-game? and to check if it was legit or not. You know, three nausakans holding up the guys ship to ask him 'WERE THESE CREDITS PURCHASED OUTSIDE THE GAME CITIZEN?".

So what is the community's take on the subject, not that i'd do it, waste of time and money, and what is the official stance from cryptic on this.

Also, instead of gold selling on the net, will cryptic have a semi-legal system in regards to buying in-game currency?

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