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Archived Post 01-31-2010 04:07 PM

Headstart or Paid (Cont) Beta???
First off, I'd like to say for the general user to reply to this thread will serve no purpose, so don't bother. I have been in the gaming community for over 20 years and have beta tested several games, too many to count.

Developers and/or Cyptic Staff,
I feel my time and money has been abused by your company. Cryptic has made misleading statements and actions by stating people will have a "Headstart" playing the game if pre-ordered. This is merely not true as the game is up 30% and down 70% of the time.

You gave the general gaming population an opportunity to play the game prior to being released. Being one of those people, I know that I paid for the game and I paid to play the game. What I did not pay for is to be a beta tester while you bring the game up and down. If you need to test, use your Non-production version and test then have a designated patch day. If you continue to patch and bring the game up/down during times the users have to play, people will discontinue paying, leave your game, and not recommend to or bring friends on-board to play with them. This will ultimately ruin your company name in the MMO gaming community and people will no longer purchase your products.

Thank you.

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