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Archived Post 01-31-2010 05:02 PM

Ideas for pvp - universal Q's, filters, any ideas welcome.
Post any ideas you can think of to shape/form a better experience with pvp.

Current state of pvp is (as I see it):
team focused - chat seems difficult to pull off in mid ground combat, and clunky in space.

One idea is built in voice chat similar to Turbine's ddo format. Also revision of how the graphical user interface works with the built in key mapping (I.e. Esc button doesn't clear out the windows that are up, it just brings up menu options only).

Majority rules, if 5 Feds spawn into pvp and only two Klingons, then Feds will have to wait... Or other way around, Klingons just get the jump on Feds (I'm ok with both since I am on Klingon faction).

Targetting with mouse in space is a problem if ally is in the way. Targetting with tab is a problem if mass mines are in the way.... Actually mines just make it hard to target (this could be a positive in tactics, so not saying it needs to be fixxed.

So my first main idea (add more or talk about this one) is:

Universal Q's: ya click to join... You get first available option, might be space, ground, capture and hold, whatever. Bonus to this system is simplicity and possible diversity, flaws to this are lack of player control/focus.

Please try to keep things focused on new ideas and use finger pointing with discretion.

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