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captz1pp 12-11-2013 09:12 AM

Siren toggle
Do any of you think we should be able to change which type of red alert sound effect we have, like TOS, TMP, or TNG movie style(Enterprise-E)?

ca06 12-18-2013 04:20 PM

Siren 'Red Alert' SFX
Yes, I think that, depending on what your personal preference, you should have the option to choose the Red Alert sound effects.

chrismullins1987 12-25-2013 08:48 AM

Absolutely, fully agree.
You should also be able to toggle alert statuses yourself I believe and raise/lower shields.

majorsmoker420 01-12-2014 12:25 AM

Been saying this for years. 10000% agree. I like Voyagers red alert personally.

earlnyghthawk 01-12-2014 01:55 AM

I don't know, I'd be bouncing between TOS Red Alerts (that huge blinking corridor light or the crystal triangle thing between Sulu's & Chekov's stations), or ST II style.

But heck yes, I fully support this.

As a side note, along with that, be kinda nice if we could pick our transporter sparkle along the same lines, I'd love to use the original golden sparkles, since I have a ship here & there, with TOS bridge/ship interiors. And I think it would really flavour things, to see different effects on ESD (or even Quonos, I think the original KDF effect was the same as the Federation's, for the TOS era)

captz1pp 01-12-2014 04:29 PM

I always thought the one we heard on the Saratoga from the whale probe film wasn't that bad, also the one from the Defiant in First Contact during the Borg attack.

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