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ashkrik23 12-11-2013 09:26 PM

Ashkrik23's foundry missions.
Hi all! This is a thread to organize and store all of my foundry missions in one place. This includes their titles and synopsis. You can also find any updates on the current status of new missions or updates to old ones here.

Check the post below me to see the chronological timeline of my stories and their synopsis.

Project Roadmap

In-progress: Scars of the Pride, Part 5.

Next project

Future projects in planning.

Possible Projects for an undesignated time.

Turning the Caitian Diaspora doff mission set into full-fleshed missions,

Background music for missions.

Perfection, Part 1: Investigating the Borg cube.

Perfection, Part 1: Battle for Earth: Arrival

Perfection, Part 1: Battle for Earth: Invasion of Earth Space Dock and escape through the transwarp gate.

Perfection, Part 2: Cait Forest battle theme

Perfection, Part 2: Their Return

Scars of the Pride, Part 1: Hathon's theme

Scars of the Pride, Part 3: Wamesahau surface and cave theme

Scars of the Pride, Part 4: Siege of Hathon theme

Character Biographies (Of those who have appeared in the series so far) (Special thanks to Nightwing1975 for the I'Zira portrait and to Catstar for ordering it for me.)

Taka Scar: Brother of Kovu and M'Sarabi Scar

Born on Cait in 2390. Taka grew up enjoying the vast outdoors and dreamed of exploring mysterious and uncharted worlds. That dream finally came true when he signed up for the Starfleet Academy as the Federation was sending out a call-to-arms for new recruits with the newly begun war with the Klingons. He graduated in 2409 as an Ensign engineering officer. He began his career on a Federation starship high above the Vega Colony. That's when the Borg attacked and the journey began....

M'Sarabi Scar: Sister of Kovu and Taka Scar.

M'Sarabi was born on November 23rd, 2390 on Cait with her brothers Kovu and Taka. She was still a young child when her father, "Scar the Unforgiven" as he is called now these days, betrayed her and her brothers. He left with their mother, the Ferasan Honor Guard Commander Elite I'Zira, and departed for Klingon space. The loss of her father to the wickedness of I'Zira took its toll on M'Sarabi. She often kept to herself and passed time by studying the world around her, wanting to learn all of its secrets. When she came of age she entered the Caitian Field Science Academy in hopes of one day setting off on a journey with her own research ship to explore the vast outskirts of space. She graduated in 2405 and set off on a 3 year expedition with a crew from her homeworld. She bid farewell to her brothers, Taka and Kovu Scar. They had decided to set off for the planet Earth to follow in the footsteps of their father who was once a great admiral for Starfleet. They kept in touch through the communications network between the ship and Earth.

Nearing the end of the 3-year expedition contact was suddenly lost with the Mwanana, an advanced Atrox science research vessel M'Sarabi had commanded on the journey. The ship had manage to send out a sudden distress call before all communications were cut off. Only one word managed to make it through, "Borg." M'Sarabi's ship and crew had been attacked by a Borg fleet near the outskirts of the Alpha Quadrant. Fearing they had lost her, Taka and Kovu requested to send out a search party with approval from Starfleet Command and the Caitian government. With approval they set out with a small taskforce of the U.S.S. Sheikra and U.S.S. Simba. They located and boarded the cube she had been taken on and freed her before full assimilation began. She returned to Starfleet along with her brothers and was requested to join Starfleet. She accepted and now continues to perform scientific research for Starfleet while in command of the U.S.S. Lion's Pride.

Kovu Scar: Brother of Taka and M'Sarabi Scar

Kovu was born on Cait in 2390. He always had a knack for being able to blend in well with his surroundings, like a panther waiting to strike its prey. Interested in the field of stealth recon, he joined the Caitian Intelligence taskforce, a division of the Caitian government that he could put his skills to good use in. He served for a year until he received a notice one day of Starfleet accepting new applicants for advanced recon. Looking to expand his career ever further, Kovu joined the Academy. He soon graduated and served aboard the U.S.S Panther with his younger brother Taka Scar in 2408. In 2409 they both were transfered to other assignments and went about their separate ways. Kovu was instructed further by his aunt, Nala, who was a senior tactical officer within Starfleet. With her guidance, he climbed through the ranks and went on to command the U.S.S. Shiekra.

I'Zira Scar: Wife of Scar the Unforgiven

Ruthless, deceiving, and cunning are the only words to describe a Ferasan. No more so than I'Zira. A brilliant scientist and strategist. I'Zira has served as a warrior on the front lines for a long time under the KDF. She is merciless in battle and able to come up with crafty solutions to any conflict easily. Her knowledge in starship technology is great, and she uses that to her advantage over any foe that stands in her way. Any who dare cross her may find themselves in Gre'thor. She has no mercy for the weak.

She seems to have some long-standing feud with the Caitian officers Taka, Kovu, and M'Sarabi Scar of the Federation of Planets.

"The Claw": Reman Operative. I'Zira's Claw

Once a former Tal Shiar operative, "The Claw" served the Romulan Star Empire by perfoming high-level reconnaissance missions against the Tal Shiar's most dangerous enemies. "The Claw" was off-world when Hobus went supernova, resulting in the obliteration of Romulus and his home Remus in the following supernova. His ship was stationed closed enough to feel the effects of the supernova. Just moments before it appeared the R.R.W Kivuli's Kucha would be consumed by the supernova, it vanished. Leaving him alone with all of his crew killed in the resulting disaster. The Kivuli's Kucha drifted through space for many days while "The Claw" attempted to re-establish contact with Tal Shiar command. However before he did so his ship was discovered by an unknown vessel. This vessel beared the mark of the Ferasans from the Klingon Empire. A boarding party stormed the shop looking for supplies to scavenge, when they discovered "The Claw". He was taken to the Captain. The infamous Ferasan General I'Zira Scar. Turns out he had drifted into KDF controlled territory and I'Zira wanted to know why he was here and who he was. After explaining his past and identity, I'Zira Scar realized the great treasure she had obtained. With a Tal Shiar agent of high-standing she would have an advantage against all of her enemies. In exchange for the safety of his life and rescue, he agreed to work for I'Zira. Now performing the Ferasan's dark agenda for her whenever needed.

Now as the war with the Federation begins, "The Claw" is often called upon to strike fear into the Ferasan's enemies. He has been instrumental in many monumental attacks against the Federation. Including the abduction of Admiral M'Sarabi Scar during an attack on Bajor by Ferasan forces. Through his countless deeds and exploits, he has been nicknamed I'Zira's Claw. Her right claw that strikes anything that dare opposes her or the Ferasan Empire. Currently undercover in the Romulan Republic.

Scar the Unforgiven: Husband of I'Zira Scar

Once one of Cait's greatest admirals, Scar dedicated his life to upholding peace in Caitian space. Kind, caring, and courageous all described what he used to be. Unfortunately, this life was not to last indefinitely.

During the year in which Cait was under fire from Ferasan General I'Zira, Scar was charged with command of Cait's task force to stop the assault. After many months of skirmishes Scar was able to defeat I'Zira's main force and capture the Ferasan. With their general defeated the Ferasans quickly retreated.

While most wanted I'Zira tried for war crimes, Scar saw what he thought was a spark of good in I'Zira that had been tainted by the Ferasan command. He though that he could perhaps turn her to the Caitian's side if he showed trust and compassion.

Caitian command allowed her to remain free in exchange for helping the Caitians. In their time working together Scar began to develop feelings for I'Zira as did she for him. After a period of time they were married and started a family. Not all was as it seemed though. One day Scar stumbled upon I'Zira secretly communicating with Ferasan command on the communicator. Having realized her plan had been discovered, I'Zira quickly stated that Ferasan command knew about Scar and I'Zira's children. She told him that the Ferasans would come after their family if he didn't come with her. Deceived by Zira's lies, Scar went with her willingly out of fear for his children.

None know what happened to Scar after that fateful day. Rumors exist that he may still be alive, but they are just rumors. His children have searched for him ever since they joined Starfleet. In hopes of one day reuniting with their lost father.

The reunion may come sooner than expected though, but not in the way they intended. A darkness is awakening after many years of sleep, and now it will be unleashed on the Federation. When the Scar children finally meet their father, they will face a monster of evil, tainted by their mother, I'Zira.

M'Nala Scar: Wife of T'Simba, Aunt of Kovu, Taka, and M'Sarabi

M'Nala was born on March 20th, 2370 at one of Starfleet's military outposts stationed in the galaxy. Her parents, M'Sarafina and R'Fathee, were both tactical officers serving in Starfleet. M'Nala's family was always on the move, being assigned to new posts every few months. Although she was never one to explore much, M'Nala did enjoy visiting all the places her family was assigned to. Eventually, M'Nala decided to follow her parent's footsteps and take up security and tactical training in Starfleet. She entered the academy at the age of sixteen and graduated four years later. She soon married T'Simba, a Caitian she had become great friends with during their time in the academy. However, their careers would be off to a shaky start.

T'Simba was the brother of Scar, one of the Caitian military's finest captains at the time. He had fought the infamous Ferasan general I'Zira before turning her to Starfleet's side. Unfortunately, I'Zira's change of heart had been a ruse. Soon after Scar determined I'Zira was still working for the Ferasan Empire, he was kidnapped and taken to Ferasan space by her, leaving their three cubs, behind. As the only family living on Cait at the time, M'Nala and T'Simba took in their niece and nephews and raised them as their own children. All three became fine Starfleet officers, with Kovu continuing M'Nala's family tradition in becoming a tactical officer. M'Nala taught one of them everything he knows today to ensure he would succeed. The future looked bright for the family, despite the past trama. However, with I'Zira's return to causing chaos in the galaxy, M'Nala and T'Simba would be forced to helping their niece and nephews continue the fight against her atrocities...

While not working with her family, M'Nala still performs senior tactical officer work for wherever Starfleet requests her expertise.

Theme Songs

I'Zira's theme (Thanks to users @Shadowfang240 and @Lindaleff for their input and editing help for this.)

Sleep, my precious children.
Let the toxin seep in.
When the darkest hour comes,
Then my legacy will begin.

I've been exiled, prosecuted,
Left alone without my children.
When I think of what the Federation did
I get a little tense.

But I dream a dream so pretty,
That I don't feel so depressed.
'Cause it soothes my inner kitty,
And it helps me get some rest.

The sound of Taka and Kovu's dying gasp,
M'Sarabi squealing in my grasp,
T'Simba and M'Nala's mournful cry,
That's my lullaby!

Now the past I've tried to forgetting,
And my children I could forgive,
Trouble is I knows it's petty,
But I hate to let them live.

So you found yourself somebody
who'd chase them up a tree.
Oh, the battle may be bloody,
but that kind of works for me.

The melody of angry growls.
A counterpoint of painful howls.
A symphony of death, oh my!
That's my lullaby.

Scar is missing... but Zira's still around
To love these three
Till they accept their destiny
To have their blood soak the ground.

Sleep, ya little sacrifices!
Uh-- I mean, precious little things,
When the darkest hour draws near,
Then my legacy begins!

The pounding of the drums of war,
The thrill of my mighty roar,

Such ferocity my enemies will have never seen!
Payback time is nearing,
I can hear the cheering,
I'Zira! What a Queen!

The joy of vengeance, testify!
And then my flag will fly
Against a blood-red sky!
That's my lullaby!

ashkrik23 12-11-2013 09:27 PM

The Ashkrik23 foundry mission timeline.

The full title of the story is "The Lion's Pride." It consists of several arcs. All current missions are for federation and federation romulan players. (Some Arcs may take place before others despite coming out later.)

Mission Dates

Perfection, Part 1: March 20, 2412

Perfection, Part 2: March 22, 2412

Imperfection: May 25, 2412

Scars of the pride, part 1: October 22, 2412

Scars of the pride, part 2: October 25, 2412

Scars of the pride, part 3: October 27, 2412

Scars of the pride, part 4: October 28, 2412

In chronological order.

Arc 1, Perfection series
Perfection, part 1 Synopsis: In the wake of the Borg Queen's defeat by Admiral D'vak and his fleet, you have been contacted by Admiral Quinn to report to Outpost 77 in the Kessik system for a confidental assignment. He didn't leave any details as to what you were needed for, but there was an urgent tone in his voice. Whatever it is, you know it must be serious. What is about to happen will push the very limits of the Federation and the galaxy itself.

Mission time varies depending on difficulty and group size. Make sure you use a remodulator. It is intended to be a decent challenge in solo play. Best experience will be in solo mode on normal difficulty This is the first part of a 2 part series. Level 41+

Perfection, part 2 Synopsis: With the fall of Earth, the unthinkable has happened. The Borg, now powered by the Omega Molecule, have launched their final campaign to rid the galaxy of every species. With the Federation in shambles and every civilization under threat of extinction, there is only one hope. Can the the Federation and its allies and enemies come together to save their homes? Or will this spell the end for our existence as we know it?

You have been summoned to the Kalferi system, where a task force is the last stand against this impending genocide.

Average mission time is 45 minutes for part 2. Level 41+

Arc, 2 Scars of the Pride

[B]Part 1:Vacation So Short, Synopsis[/b]

It has been 7 months since the Borg's defeat at Cait. The galaxy has gradually recovered and rebuilt ever since then. You have played a fundamental role in bringing many civilizations back to a normal lifestyle. Now you have been given an extended vacation for both you and your crew to the planet of Bajor for a well-earned rest. Your time on leave will be cut short as a mysterious attack upon the city of Hathon will spark the flame of a new conflict. This new evil is malicious and old scars left upon some of your closest friends will burn once more. You will learn that there is more to the history of them than meets the eyes.

This is a story dialogue mission with some ground combat. Takes place after the Perfection Series. Recommend you play that first if you haven't already. This mission also assumes you saved M'Sarabi in Perfection, which is considered the canon ending. Any level.

Scars of the Pride Pt 2:The Claw
Synopsis: It has been three days since the attack on Bajor. You and your crew have completed your leave time while waiting for Admiral Taka to contact you with the results of M'Kiara's study of the toxin Captain T'Vitani used on herself. A new breakthrough with the Borg medical technology could serve as something to adapt against this toxin. Someone else has their eyes on this device though, and for the wrong reasons...The toxin's true effects are about to be witnessed, Not even the U.S.S. Simba will be safe from this threat. Report to the Lateri System in the Beta Ursae sector block. Level 16+

Scars of the Pride, Part 3:Toxin
Synopsis: It has been two days since the attack on the U.S.S. Simba. With Admiral Taka in a coma, your only hope of catching the raiders was a tracking device planted on the stolen Borg technology by Commander M'Kiara. Now the technology has surfaced on a world deep within Klingon Space. On this forgotten world you will discover the inner-workings of a plot to destroy the federation itself. Report to Deep Space K-7 in the Eta Eridani sector block to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Simba and stop a hidden evil from rising. Level 50+

Scars of the Pride, Part 4: Evolution of Evil

With the destruction of her toxin facility at the Wamesahau system, I'Zira has launched a full invasion on the planet of Bajor to test her new toxin. In the process, she has taken control of Deep Space Nine and the planetary defense satelites. With Vice Admiral Kovu heading to Bajor to hold off till reinforcements arrive, you must take back Deep Space Nine and the planetary defense satelites with General Karopov's assistance. Should you fail, an entire civilization will be lost and along with it, possibly many more.

Report to the Lateri system to meet with General Karopov. Level 50+



The destruction of the Borg by the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants produced tremendous amounts of information - including the mission logs of the U.S.S. Resistance, a ship lost just before the Borg invasion. As the savior of the galaxy, you have been chosen to explore the holographic recreation of the vessel's final voyage to uncover the backstory behind the Borg's quest for Perfection. Level 41+ Fed.

This is a collaboration with @Voporak and a prequel to Perfection. He created the mission, I just helped with the story some.

ashkrik23 12-12-2013 11:32 AM

Update on part 2's development. The climax will have 2 possible endings that just influence the dialogue. Make sure you pick the right decisions based on whatever choice you make in the final ground map. I'll have descriptions in the green mission text to help guide you too.

ashkrik23 12-12-2013 09:48 PM

If anyone is wanting cameos as a Borg NPC or a ship, let me know. If it's a ground character you'll need to send me your tailor info through screenshots. Only limit is that the fleet uniforms, STF uniforms, Lobi uniforms, and other special uniforms aren't in the foundry yet.
So something basic is good.

ashkrik23 12-14-2013 09:45 AM

Nearing completion on part 2. I may have it finished today.

Here's the synopsis.

With the fall of Earth, the unthinkable has happened. The Borg, now powered by the Omega Molecule, have launched their final campaign to rid the galaxy of every species. With the Federation in shambles and every civilization under threat of extinction, there is only one hope. Can the the Federation and its allies and enemies come together to save their homes? Or will this spell the end for our existence as we know it?

You have been summoned to the Kalferi system, where a task force is the last stand against this impending genocide.

ashkrik23 12-14-2013 01:57 PM

It is done and I could use some testers.

It should come up as Perfection, Part 2.

This is a level 41+ mission for Federation or Federation aligned characters.
It is a Borg mission so bring a remodulator. Play close attention to the green mission text that helps guide you in certain parts. Please report any bugs, typos, errors, or suggestions you have here, in-game on the reviews, or mail me at @ashkrik23.


voporak 12-14-2013 06:04 PM

USS Simba:
-"You and your crew must not blame themselves. You did what you could to protect the few wo were able to escape.
-"Yes, it is located in a deep forest few have thoroughly explored. I can give your ship the coordinates and allow you to beam a strike team down. General Karopov and Commander Kijani will be providing additional focres on the ground once we're in the system.

Space after that:
-"WHy does that sound familiar?

-A Borg fleet led by ... They mustb e using (withheld for spoilers) against us.
-Admiral Taka, there is an opening in their defense line to where I can send down some of my warriors with me to accompny the away team.

The facility building place:
-When [name] turned againstu s and let the Borg ...

ashkrik23 12-14-2013 06:08 PM

I shall fix those along with a fix on the final ground boss soon.

ashkrik23 12-14-2013 07:03 PM

Patch is being applied.

My missions will also be up on Starbase UGC. soon.

ashkrik23 12-14-2013 09:50 PM

Part 2 now has 5 reviews and appears to all people regardless if they are a reviewer! Thank you to the early testers.

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