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finsches123 12-13-2013 07:52 PM

Mogh window bug
The windows on the aft side of the right wing or warp pylon of my Mogh class cannot be changed, they always remain type 1 windows.
The ones on the left wing and the rest of the ship can be changed to all available window types.

Edit: The downswept wings from the Z-store version have unchangeable type 1 windows. If I use the straight wings from the fleet version, they have fleet type windows, but these can not be changed either. In both cases only the right side is affected.

mandoknight89 12-13-2013 09:47 PM

Here's a screencap of the issue. Note that the body and port wing have the yellow "type 2" windows, but the starboard wing has white windows.

The windows in general also cannot be set to "Fleet" unless the wings are set to the Fleet configuration (where, as mentioned, the starboard wing is fixed at Fleet windows).

As usual for window settings, this includes the lifeboats mapped to the starboard wing, as well.

(Later checking shows that while the starboard wing of the Fleet Mogh is locked at Type 1, it's locked in Type 2 for the standard Mogh)

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