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Archived Post 02-01-2010 03:00 PM

I'm not one to complain - And I'm not starting now
But it seems to me that Cryptic is one day from live launch and still doesn't seem to understand the load we're going to get hit with tomorrow morning.

You all prepared for your usual niche game loads, and what you've got is the entire Star Trek fan base and every MMO player thats been dying for a space game that isn't EvE and are tired of elves and orcs and dragons waiting to bang down the door tomorrow.

No amount of stability and performance programming is going to help this situation.

You don't have the bandwidth and rack space to handle the current head start load. The constant server crashes, queues and lockouts during the day are evidence of this.

Tomorrow is going to be like Armageddon. Seriously.

What happened to the extra hardware you all ordered during open beta to help with the load? Still in the mail? Big time game developer can't get CDW to air drop some supplies to San Jose, California?

So anyways, this isn't a complaint, consider it a dire warning. You're not ready.

You don't have any more time to get ready.

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