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Archived Post 02-01-2010 03:01 PM

Cryptic, are you ready?
SyFy - one of the most popular cable/Sat channels are running a marathon and your
comercials are running non-stop....Great PR, and super risky.

You do know that tommorrow your server population will be multiplied
by a factor of 4 ? and they will expect your server to be excuses

I will be honest, I think your server will lock...and stay that way. You can't keep it stable with
you current load.

I love star trek, and I think STO has potential.


I think your about to be punished in the school of hard knocks.
Your CO, engine was never ment to handle a game this big on one server..regardless of shards.

no skin off my will end up having to do what a lot of experienced
MMO players have been telling you for 6 months...that you need to have separate multiple
servers to keep the player count down to do-able numbers.
But like my mama said (god rest her soul) you can talk til your blue in the face, some
folks just gotta learn the hard way :cool:

enjoy your lesson is mathematics and server load maximums.

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