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Archived Post 02-01-2010 03:09 PM

Hello again. This was a topic I brought up back in OB, right after the "Un-Noted" difficulty changes. STO is still far too easy. I understand that Cryptic wants to bring it the more casual crowd but there is no longevity in the game. There are some really great aspects of the game that I think are good building blocks. For example, I was soloing +7 Romulan battleships, he managed to drop my shield 42% and then got a heavy plasma through. That was a great experience, feeling like I earned that death because I picked a fight out of my weight class. I am not saying that every encounter needs to be more difficult, what I am suggesting is a throwback to pre OB difficulty.

There's no reason that 3 Gorn cruisers (or even frigates) should not have the capability to destroy a player ship. I suppose they could if I went afk for any extend period of time. There is also no reason why ground combat has to last as long as it does. Ground weapons lack a sense of lethality. Sure it's mighty powerful when you get an exploit kill but the normal attacks offer nothing special. As a player, I want to be challenged enough to feel like I had a memorable experience. Not so challenged that I get frustrated or currently, where I feel like Im just completing missions to level and the only challenge I get is from pvp. Just my two cents.

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