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Archived Post 02-01-2010 06:42 PM

Like pvp, like rp look below
Greetings one and all you may have seen me about you may not have...But if your reading this you must be someone that likes rp and pvp. Well I am going to be backing a pvp group that also rps starting on Feb 3 night time (9pmish) if my collecter's edition is in the idea of this group is to create an enviroment of quality rp and pvp. That way we do not have to go hunting for people to pvp with and can enjoy rp...amongst ourselves and others. THIS IS NOT a fleet...just a group for us that will be in more rp and pve focused fleets but also love our pvps and rping in general.

The group will be known as The Wolfpack

Channel will be wolfpack

So if you interested leave a message in this thread and I will get ahold of you in game. Playing a KED on my roomies preorder right now. Since my comp is not doing graphical games at all do to hot running gpus...should have that fixed and my times will change. But until then I will keep in touch via my "alt character" and this thread.

We will have a Vent for this as I do already own one ~.^ Happy hunting.

The DoctorofthePack,

Nanduan Tritan.

Archived Post 02-03-2010 06:14 PM

Wolfpack has arrived!
The Wolfpack was formed last night and had the greatest of success with 5-0 losses. We are primarily a ground focused pvp crew though we will have some space battles as they pop..Vent has been established ^^
I am very pleased so far with the recruits that I have hopefully we will have even mroe success tonight.
Could really use an engineer or two and a control based Scientist.

If you would like to join our little pvp, rp, friends making crew contact me Nanduan Tritan@Triviana in-game or join the Wolfpack channel in game or leave a message in here and I will pm you the vent info.. *howls to the moon* Blessed ancesters keep you warm and safe...maker bless.

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