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owenfelix69 01-10-2014 06:20 AM

New star trek show
Star trek show What do you think about this, I'm missing having a show on TV just now, was trying to think of something abit different. What about a star trek show that follows a klingon ship around, filmed in the sane way the latest battle star shows were filmed, a much more dark side to the star trek universe

worffan101 01-10-2014 06:59 AM

That would be cool. You could even loosely follow the STO storyline, at least at first. The whole first season could be about the Felk'Ihri invasion.

Oh, man, I just had this brilliant image of Worf standing at the gates of the Great Hall on Qo'noS with his bat'leth held high, telling a Felk'Ihri demon three times his height to get lost, Gandalf-style.

Only, with more blood and guts than blazing white light.

Yeah, that would be AWESOME. Call it "Star Trek: Klingon Empire" and have a thlIngan Hohl edition for the inevitable DVD release. Awesome.

angrytarg 01-10-2014 07:11 AM

I would like a Klingon show but only if they don't exaggerate the grimdark grittiness. We had quite enough of that, you can tell mature stories without going that route :D

If they had accepted Michael Dorn's Captain Worf concept I'm sure we'd seen a lot of Klingon culture in that installment.

misterde3 01-10-2014 07:32 AM


Originally Posted by owenfelix69 (Post 14430451)
Star trek show What do you think about this, I'm missing having a show on TV just now, was trying to think of something abit different. What about a star trek show that follows a klingon ship around, filmed in the sane way the latest battle star shows were filmed, a much more dark side to the star trek universe

Sane is not what I associate with the Baltar space harem.:)

And as much as I'd enjoy this wouldn't work.
The target audience must connect with the protagonists.
As a result film studios, which look at the American domestic market first, try to do so by introducing a large number of American and sometimes British leading characters into their shows, even if it's an international SF setting and/or makes little sense.
That is is why over 50% of all the humans in Star Trek have anglophone names

and the humans in NuBSG are basically prehistoric space-Americans the leads have first names like "William" and "Lee" and drive around in humvees.

This also explains why all but one captain of the starship Enterprise were Americans.
There are even people around who want to retcon Picard into having been British because French must speak in a cartoon accent and be totally imcompetent at all times (moreso than Picard was in the first two seasons).
So using non-American characters is already tricky from a studio's point of view but using a cast entirely made of non-humans is impossbile and poses too much a financial risk.

For a "series" of sorts about a Klingon ship have a look at the IKS Gorkon novels.

daan2006 01-10-2014 07:35 AM

if its about kdf i will not watch if its about feds i will watch if its about romulans i will watch

captainrevo1 01-10-2014 07:51 AM

While i would watch it, i cant say i care for an all klingon show. they are great once in a while but every episode? nah.

besides there is no way they would do something that does not centre around humans. the general public wants to associate themselves with the main characters. to have that human element and to see humanity in the future. having a non human crew, especially all or most from one race would be a massive gamble for such an expensive show. i cant see any studio exec signing off on it.

mirrorchaos 01-10-2014 07:56 AM

most of the episodes would contain politics, house rivalries, death and brutality behind the honor concept and every ending to a season you get a BoE style fights in orbit of some planet ruled by a house or some enemy and some nameless battlefield on the surface somewhere.

with all respect to the idea but a romulan journey circa 2370's would be a lot more fascinating because it's not always fight that is the worry, its how perceived intentions hidden in the dark or not have a way of biting at you harder then some big conflict.

drogyn1701 01-10-2014 08:24 AM

If they do a Klingon show I would say they should go back to the time of Kahless and do it in a 300/Spartacus style. Blood, death, sex and slow-motion would fit very will with medieval, semi-mythical Klingons. Most of the bat-leth choreography in the shows is slow and clunky (most, some was very, very cool). I'd love to see what modern fight choreographers could do with it in a show that wasn't afraid to throw blood and severed limbs everywhere.

I do like mirrorchaos' idea of a Romulan show.

jonsills 01-10-2014 08:43 AM

If what you want is new Trek, there are a couple of crowdfunded shows in production. Star Trek Continues, for instance, is an interesting attempt to carry forward with TOS as if it had never even been interrupted. So far, there's one episode released, "Pilgrim of Eternity", that follows on from "Who Mourns For Adonais?". It also starts with Scotty's experimental holodeck, and introduces us to a really gorgeous redhead who is Starfleet's first shipboard counselor. The second episode will apparently be unveiled at an upcoming con in Phoenix.

It has its flaws, of course - Todd Haberkorn, who plays Spock, does not, IMO, have the gravitas necessary to the role, and the fellow playing McCoy is a bit more "jovial physician" and a bit less "crusty country doctor" - but Vic Mignogna makes for a great Kirk, and Grant Imahara's Sulu isn't bad as long as he's not called on to emote too much. (The scene where he and a redshirt were doing some repair work on the hull and the redshirt's phaser overloaded got a bit narmy when Grant was required to register horror.) On the other hand, the fellow playing McCoy recently announced that he was going to have to pull back from the acting side of things due to personal issues, although he was planning on staying involved in the production end.

There's also "Star Trek: Renegades", Tim Russ' crowdfunded pilot for a new Trek series set after Voyager. Worlds that supply dilithium to the Federation are disappearing, with space/time warped around them to prevent access; Adm. Chekov calls on Tuvok, now head of Section 31, to put together a team of Fleet rejects and borderline criminals - renegades, if you will - to investigate. (Mignogna's involved in this one, too, as a Cardassian prisoner.)

I believe there are a few other such pro/fan efforts, but I'm afraid I don't have time to Google them this morning.

chrisedallen89 01-10-2014 08:44 AM

As much as I would find a Klingon show interesting. I think a prime timeline show that is quite a bit later than the time jump between TOS and TNG. Double it almost. New baddies, new tech, a mix of old and new Trek style, and focus on something that really shakes things up a permanent transhumanistic element to it.

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