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Archived Post 02-02-2010 07:24 AM

Ceti-Alpha 7 Recruting! (Mature fleet; light RP)
Mission Statement:
Ceti-Alpha 7 is a Fleet building a solid team of friendly, mature, helpful and reliable Captains to work with as Starfleet tackles challenges across the Alpha and Beta quadrants. If you're willing to help (and be helped by) a close-knit team of Captains, as well as dedicated to maintaining a solid reputation with Starfleet Captains outside our organization, we're looking for you!

We welcome both seasoned MMO players as well as ST fans who may be new to MMO gaming, but who have a passion for the series and who are wanting to learn with a friendly, helpful Fleet.

Ceti-Alpha 7 is a Fleet in its formative stages, created in recent response to the challenges the Federation now has to endure due to the escalating conflict with the Klingons, the Gorn, the Orions, and other alien races acting in aggression against Federation interests. These are, in truth, challenges that all Starfleet members and Fleets are now addressing.

However, Ceti-Alpha 7's Senior Officers (in this case, very first members) were all in agreement that we wanted to be a part of a Fleet with members who embodied the following qualities:

1. Members who are mature and extremely courteous to their fellow fleet members at all times, in game actions and in words. ((Players aged 20 or older welcome; younger applicants welcome under extraordinary circumstances.))

2. Members who are willing to spend time to help out other fleet members with progression; we are only as strong as the weakest link in our chain, and assisting less experienced Captains will only serve to benefit the entire fleet.

3. Members who behave courteously to other Captains who are not part of our fleet. We are all members of Starfleet, with the same goals and principles of exploration and defense of our interests. We do not welcome Captains who are "in it for themselves."

4. Members who are very enthusiastic or at least respectful of the Star Trek Universe in which we play. (ie: Captain Latryne of the U.S.S. Crapper would not be welcome.)

5. Members who may be inclined to role-play but who are willing to put RP aside for the sake of completing missions ((ie: light to medium roleplaying encouraged; heavy roleplaying not necessarily supported))

As the fleet is in its formative stages, we will be looking through our recruits for exceptional Captains to fill initial roles, such as leaders of respective divisions (eg: Senior Officer, Tactical) or for more specific roles, such as Ground Operations Officer (ie: Fleet away team leader).

If you're a player who believes in the same qualities we do, and is interested in joining a fleet in its formative stages, dispatch a Fleet application form at our website:

You may also feel free to contact any of the following members of our Senior staff directly:

Lt. Commander Karn Marith (Marith) - Senior Officer; Recrutiment Officer
Lt. Commander (Rhy'len Shran) - Fleet Commander
Lt. Commander (T'Jen) - Senior Officer

We look forward to hearing from you!

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