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captainhunter1 01-14-2014 09:37 AM

A user interface request (beam vs. dock at stations)

I'd like to make a request for a small "quality of life" (immersion) change that would be easy to implement as it is 'text only' and require no coding changes to the game.

Is there any chance of changing the wording on the "Dock at station" button for many non-Earth Space Dock/Deep Space Nine space stations to "Beam to station"? Take for example, K-7, though it has a docking bay, this is primarily a shuttle bay. In the episode "Trouble with Tribbles", both the Enterprise and Klingon D-7 are shown orbiting the station and crew members beamed over to it. In STO, there are quite a few stations this would apply to such as K-7 mentioned above, Starbase 39, many Klingon outposts, and Romulan space stations as well.


uss917019 01-15-2014 06:03 AM

Ya I laughed at that like 3 years ago and they never seemed to have bother even changing but the thing is what they should of done is let it like that but make like an animation on to docking I remember them saying that but they never did it.

Anyway they should change the words on the button when going into a station so its more accurate.

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