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Archived Post 02-02-2010 10:05 AM

fed players only need on skill to balance pvp!!
and i am serious here. give the federation a new pvp only skill called "Tribble transfer" or something like that. basically allows one to beam your excess tribbles you been breeding in your bank (you know who you are) into the opposing klingon ship. ship temporarily disables all ship systems for a short time like 3 secs while the klingon deal with their cute and fuzzy problem :p
now this cant be over used as you actually need the tribbles in your inventory like 10 of them. so i order to use the skill you need to breed and have the tribble on hand so that prevents the federation from spamming this skill. so you can't kill your opponent by keeping the ship perma disable plus since they don't stack one only has a limited number in their inventories so it becomes a last ditch skill your can say.

this would also be in star trek cannon as everyone knows klingons cant stand the fuzzballs and they dont like them either :D

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