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FvK PvP mission space Salvage: Strategy for Klingons
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Okay, this is just my opinion on the strategy in FvK PvP mission Space Salvage -- capture and hold

There are 5 Conversion points. They are: (Counter Clock wise from Klingon spawn point)

1 Asteroid Refinery -- Klingon Right Front
2 Unknown Platform -- Klingon Right Center
3 Astrogeology Lab -- Klingon Right Rear
4 Sensor Array -- Klingon Left Center
5 Destroyed Station -- Dead Center

Please see Attached gif.

#1 Mistake I see often enough to comment on. Taking and then defending the Sensor Array(4).
Thestrategic value of the Sensor Array is negligible for Klingons. In fact it really puts the
Klingons at a disadvantage strategic wise. If you'll note, it puts the Klingons blob or mini blob
the furthest away from the right side and it's the right side that the Klingons should be focusing
on because that puts them in position to rapidly defend / attack #1, #2, #3, #5.

#2 Mistake is under powered groups. Klingons don't blob (cluster) as often as the Feds. This is
probably the nature of Cloaking ability -- It gives you a false sense of superiority. The
minimum group should be 3, a primary and 2 wings.

#3 Mistake is usually a result of #2 -- over extended pickets. Your pickets (skirmishers) should
only extend a quick burst of speed (evasive manuevers) from the main Klingon blob. Along with
this idea, the intercepters shouldn't extend to far away from the Klingon Blob.


The Klingon Triangle is best drawn between #1, #2 and #5. The Klingon main fleet should be
centered around this area. It has 2 strategic concepts. It is close the Klingon spawn point,
and #2 it controls the zone defense / offense around 3 conversion points, ostensibly leaving the
Feds only 2 exposed targets, #3 and #4. As a consequence of being closest to the Klingon Spawn,
it is farther away from the Fed Spawn. Klingons can reinforce quicker after ship losses.

So, #1 Control the Klingon Triangle.

Once the Klingon Triangle is controlled, it's time to set your pickets / skirmishers. The pickets
and skirmishers should extend towards #3, but not so far out of Fleet Blob Protection. They're
job is to over extend aggressive Fed chasers and pull them into the Klingon Blob.

So, #2 Do not over extend into the Fed Blob.

This leaves the Feds with the choice of heavy engagement at point #5 and point #2. Point #2 is optimum because Klingons, combined with Cloak can Sprint and duck into the cover of the asteroids and the Feds lose tracking / interest.

So, #3 Force the battle to capture point #2.

There are ways to sprint, duck and cloak around #5 and also #3 if you find the Klingon blob has overwhelmed the Feds and they are in dissaray. Now is the time to harrass the Feds by taking point #4, but don't defend it ... usually somebody who respawned at the Klingon spawn point can make a quick pass over the #4 and convert it -- on their way back to the Blob. Feds should be too split up between #5 and #3 to care or defend.

So, #4. Don't sujicide. When the Feds are all pounding you, Sprint, repair, duck and then cloak. Wait for unlocks on you, then circle back cloaked and re-engage on the assist target.

That's my basic Klingon strategy for this PvP mission.


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