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Archived Post 02-02-2010 10:46 AM

Deep Space Encounters
Ok, so this is an offshot from here.

I was saying in that thread that I see problems with DSEs. I'll give this a chance and pretend I'm doing things wrong and the system is OK.

So I contact a signal and I join the fight. I'm alone in there, or just with 2-3 players that are also wandering around (the social skills of players here seems to be dead for some reason). So I wait for the reset timer when all of a sudden, 8 ships spawn and turn my ship into swiss cheese. Not fun.

Another scenario is the one in which me and some random players kick the crap out of a klingon group, while we're not teamed. Although I receive credit towards the Mission Objective, how does looting work in this case? Certainly it doesn't go to the player that drew the first shot because this happened to me.... I shot first and some other player got to look the battle cruiser.

How are we, the players, supposed to approach DSEs? Only in full teams, so that we don't have to die? And yes, while the penalty for dying in this game virtually doesn't exist, I still don't want to take the redneck way out and die 20 times while zerging.

So... what am I doing wrong?

Edit: And I don't even want to go as far as asking how the aggro system works in this game... Getting cut in half by 5 ships at once just because I tossed an Engineering Team I at an ally is NOT a good aggro system.

Archived Post 02-02-2010 10:54 AM

Yeah a few problems with DSE's

1. Even if you do find a team to run through these the chance of you joining the same instances is low. So you have to stick with PUGing.
2. Spawn locations are annoying.
3. Loot, I believe that loot is awarded (outside of groups) on a dps basis

To summarize, I dont think your doing anything wrong really. This is just one of the things that needs dev attention.

Archived Post 02-02-2010 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by ichibon (Post 1875982)
2. Spawn locations are annoying.

I did not understand what you tried to say here until a few minutes ago.

While cruising in the Alpha Centauri system, I get intercepted by a enemy signal. All fine, loading screen, then all of a sudden I am greeted by the big "Defeat!" message box, while my ship is nothing but a derilict piece of metal amongst 12 romulan ships.

Ok... I hit the "Respawn" button and... I respawn in the same location?!

Not fun.

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