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Archived Post 02-02-2010 11:03 AM

Make BO adjustable in combat
I dont get RP wise why this isnt possible anyways. I THINK Id understand ewhy it is gameplay wise but even then... It limits our flexibility in combat that you cant reassign BO in combat. I mean I understand why you cant change your loadout, but wen you get into a fight with a lotta small ships that are concealing a battleship (Ive seen it happen a few times in Deep Space encounters) its a little annoying to have a Tac officer with Torp spread selected when you really need a High Yield guy but now because you saw all the little ships swarming you grabbed the AOE guy, youre stuck for the course of the fight. I dont get from a storytelling perspective why you cant grab the other guy and "go Hey YOU take over! I need your expertise!!"

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