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Archived Post 02-02-2010 12:39 PM

low fps in nebulas/weather; AA related?

usually the games runs fine with my ATI3850 with ajustet setttings at 25-40 (maxfps in effect at 40) but
i noticed that in nebulas or weather/storm effects my FPS drop to hardly playable 12-14 fps.

After testing all settings to get higher FPS i noticed that only a lower AA value will get my fps up (using 4x normally, adaptive antialiasing in the Catalyst Control Panel disableded).

Now i am a bit confused how a weather/nebula effect is related to AA. Normally when weather/nebulas decreased my FPS i found a "particles" or "texture" or "weather" option to get them back up, but those never changed AA settings.

Any other way to get fps higher, because 4xAA is a must to play STO at decent visual quality.

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