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Here is a fix for accrount creation issue...
Hello all,

I had a lot of the issues you are reporting for account creation...Server down / busy...unable to process payment...Key already in use ETC.

I did have to run through the setup about 6 times. Each time getting the server is down or some other like issue. I then did the account setup with firefox instead of ms exp, and got a different error.

I logged out of the online web page close and refreshed browser and I was good to go.

I hope this helps.

Bottom line their servers are buys and just keep trying. It may say that the process wasn't completed but it very well might have been. Don't worry about multiple hits on your bank account as you can only have one "subscription" per account. And be sure to refresh everything, every now and again.


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worked 1st time for me after about an hour of re-clicking on the original page...ty very much for posting this

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Originally Posted by chuckford
Hello all,

I logged out of the online web page close and refreshed browser and I was good to go.

Holy ****, this worked!

I've literally spent the last six hours trying to fix my "There was an error processing your request." problem. I've tried to get ahold of support, call, e-mail someone in charge, google a solution, and/or figure out something. I've typed in my keycode and re-clicked the damn subscription page dozens of times.

I owe you one, chuckford. If you ever see me in game or need something in game, do not hesitate to message me. Credits, ship parts, a favor, anything. Seriously.

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Alas, this didn't work for me. Thank you for suggesting the idea though, as it was certainly worth a shot.

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NP Nes,

Glad I could help you out.

Archived Post 02-02-2010 08:57 PM

reply to move post up. In case any one else is still having issues.

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Does that solution work when billing asks for a prepaid time card?

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