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Archived Post 02-02-2010 02:54 PM

Missing CD Key
Alright, I shot an email to Billing support, but I also wanted to post here - mostly to vent and to see if any others out there have had the same issue.

I recently picked up my copy of STO Collectors box from Game Stop along with 2 other co-workers on my lunch.

We get back to work, open up our copies.... My Book/cd case does NOT have a CD key on the white strip for adding to my account, however the other 2 copies did.

So I have a semi tin box with an install cd, com badge pin and no CD key. Really? How does that even happen?

So, can anyone here let me know what may need to be done?

As I mentioned, I shot an e-mail over to Billing about it, still waiting to hear back. I called Game Stop and they referred me to the forums or to contact billing as they do not have any additional copies to swap out for CE's.

Lifte time membership, all the nifty extra codes for stuff... 90 bucks for a collectors box and no CD key. I'm a bit ****ed. :mad:

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