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PVP Missions - What Gives - Suggestions/Help needed
Hi There,

Ok, so I have been jumping into PVP missions - sorry, "Trying" - so to speak.

So, my one mission is telling me to go into a War Zone and duke it out there. So I have been, for like, ever. Problem is, I am not getting credit for completing the mission. Maybe it's because I'm not on a team - but I can't seem to figure out how to get in one. I am set in "open" mode. It's KvF map.

Any assistance on this would be great. Got a bit frustrated tonight trying to finish this mission.



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Originally Posted by Ryokan (Post 1887879)


Are you sure?

Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Do I have to be in a Team to complete the quest? If so, how do I get in a group? I'm set as "open" but I never join.

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Anyone at all? I want to go home and try and finish these PVP missions.

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