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For you guys that prefer Arenas (me too), would you mind answering why you prefer arenas vs. a mode like C&H?
Cap & Hold strategy generally is do the opposite of what the other guy does. I typically spread out and try to take individual points, if the other guy is doing the same I try to get the team to wolfpack and pick them off and take points. If the other team is wolfpacking I try to get us to spread out and try to hold out as long as possible. As a wells healer and a former engi oddy healer I usually take center point and try to bait the other team to bring all their guns to bear to take center point and stave them off as long as possible.

Other than that what disappoints me about C&H is it seems like alot of people don't care about winning, they just use C&H as a kiddie pool arena. They wolfpack and don't care that they are losing points, all that matters is they are destroying the lone guys trying to hold points and seeing 45 kills at the end of a match.

Arenas offer a balanced pvp experience. And to be honest, it's the closest thing I'll ever see to an EvE Alliance Tournament. Without secondary objectives, the strategy focuses solely on how well your team is built and how well you execute your team strategy to defeat the other side. There is a whole world of building ships and layouts and skills to synergize with 4 other players and the rewards for finding a good team build are more than worth it for me. Plus, Arenas really test my ability to heal. I only get to heal once in a blue moon on C&H if a guy passing by is hurt and in range, otherwise I'm just heal-tanking.
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