Thread: Why do you PvP?
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05-17-2013, 10:45 AM
I PvP because I like the excitement, the rush of it all. But I don't really like something like Cap and Hold (never have liked it or Capture the flag type scenarios at all). I'm not a massive fan of the premade-v-premade thing (I'll do it, and it's nothing against anyone here of course, it's just not as a big a thing to me).

What I like the most is Ker'rat. I like the openness, the feeling of 'this could change' at any time. If you go there, you know that anything and everything can, will, and does happen. You could be a lone BoP against an instance full of Feds, or be dealing with a group of BoPs who will constantly harass everyone in a map, or something else.

And it's always changing. Within a few minutes, you could go from being a lone KDF player to suddenly having a whole team's worth of backup and shift the balance in your favor.

Or maybe it won't ever come, who knows. But that's what I love about it, the unknown, the unexpected.

I'm not a fan of really really gimmicky PvP types, can't think of an example atm though. But I do like new situations where using other, different strategies is rewarded. For example, in Ker'rat, if I see a dedicated Snooper come into the map, and I am on a Fed, I will STICK with that Snooper, regardless of what I am doing, because I know that the Snooper will find some tasty cloaked ships to kill as long as I support him.

That is what I like most in PvP.

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