Thread: Why do you PvP?
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05-17-2013, 12:31 PM
Being part of dummyname's fleet, I PvP because he tells me to!

In all seriousness though, I PvP because I find it more exciting than the endless STFs, Fleet missions, story missions, etc. as it's a dynamic team environment, which is much more fun than the same scripted encounters. Even losing at an arena is a lot more fun than grinding the same encounters for marks/dil!

I don't min/max as much as other people, but I enjoy trying new things, throwing something into the pot that'll stir things up (like my JHEC sciscort) and generally doing things that some people would not. I do fly premades (fleet) but I also enjoy PuGing it, as you never know what you're going to get, with some PuGs being really hopeless, whilst others are really good.

Having played SWTOR, WoW and EVE, I can say this is the first game I have actively come back for the PvP, despite the broken stuff and terrible graphics issues at times (looking at you Warp Plasma!), as it's so much fun (though that's mainly because of the challenge). The team thing is definitely the big draw though, as everyone has to pull their weight, and I do always feel terrible if I feel I'm not pulling my fair share of it.

Of the modes available, I have to say I spend most of my time in Arena, usually having to FvF as that's what the fleeties do and it's somewhat 'safe'. However, I do prefer FvK (on either my Feds or my KDFs), as the difference between both teams makes things more interesting and creates a much better experience. I do some C&H, as I find it a bit more relaxed, but the fact that it taking forever to capture a point is a real put off. Arenas can be very tense, which gets the adrenaline going, and shows where you may be failing.

Plus, I find the PvPers to be fairly helpful and friendly most of the time. It's very rare that I will encounter someone who doesn't tell me how he/she killed me if I ask. Plus, I do think that speccing/equipping for PvP makes most PvE almost a face roll (one hit kills notwithstanding).

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-Sela now has a cape.
-She'll be starring in a 3-part miniseries on the Elements Network (Entertainment for Romulan Women) called "How Sela Got Her Cape Back". It's a feel-good story about women's empowerment and the importance of a good wardrobe for military leaders.