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In dev blog #20 they have stated that they are fixing the decloak problem so we will no longer drop out of cloak every time a bridge officer sneezes!!!

"We also updated several Cardassian and Borg themed episodes for inclusion in the Klingon?s storyline. New dialog options were added to make them feel more in-line with the Empire?s goals, and an effort was made to make many parts of the game friendlier to cloaked ships! Yes, that?s right; we can now take steps to ensure that your First Officer doesn?t pull your ship out of cloak just to tell you that nothing can be found on the scanners. It?s a slow and involved process to make all the Klingon missions ?cloak friendly,? so give us some time. It?s one aspect of the game we will continue to improve upon in the future."

Unfortunately, not all of the instances will be fixed in the near future.

reH, QaH nuv'e' SuvmeH!

Edit: Bah, I wish Bing was more accurate... when I translated "Still, this will help us against our foes!" into Klingon (producing the above text) and back, I got "to Help people, always".

So much for using the Klingon language in appropriate places.
Oh, lovely, I can't even requote the Douglas Adams quote I used to have here I WANT IT BACK!!!!
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