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05-17-2013, 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
Congratulations on bringing us deeper into the Klingon experience while playing KDF content.

In case you can't tell, that was sarcasm.

One of the two major issues that keeps me from enjoying KDF content is the fact that no matter what species you play or the concept you have for your KDF Captain is that the game is scripted to be Klingon specific.
So? All Fed content is species agnostic too - as is all Rom content.

There's not exactly a lot of MMOs out there which take character species into consideration. I can play a twi'lek in SWTOR and get a 5 minute history lesson on twi'lek from my Companion - who's also a twi'lek.
STO is about my Liberated Borg Federation Captain with his Breen 1st Officer, Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer, Liberated Borg Engineering Officer, Android Ops Officer, Photonic Science Officer, Gorn Science Officer, and Reman Medical Officer jumping into their Jem'Hadar Carrier and flying off to do missions for the new Romulan Empire. But for some players allowing a T5 Connie to be used breaks the canon in the game.