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05-17-2013, 01:42 PM
...and a double-feature, because I can.

==Fek'lhri Return==
-=Blood of the Empire=-
-The deflector scan continues to animate and play audio during the dialogue for the Klingon Battle Group debris.
-"Oh god! I forgot how loud A/P cannons are! I cannot even hear myself think when they rapid-fire me!"
-The Portals appear to be a static level 29. Not sure if they're meant to scale with the player or not.
-The directions to get to Chancellor J'mpok in the KDF Headquarters are not entirely clear. It's very easy to miss that there is a staircase leading to a second floor(I only found it because I vaguely remembered the mission). Maybe a simple text pop-up from your second officer exclaiming: "Quickly! To the second floor!" might be enough of a hint.

-You're able to speak with Chancellor J'mpok(via mission contact) without actually going to First City to advance the first objective.

-No real issues to report.

-=The Gates of Gre'thor=-
-I managed to vaporize Fek'lhr somehow while he was around 70% health. The fight continued, but his model was invisible. It was entertaining still being able to knock down an invisible demon with red sparklies coming out of its invisible staff("err.. perhaps that sounded a bit wrong..").

-=A House Pursued=-
-The mission tracker should probably mention that the Servin System is (all the way) in the Regulus sector block.
-"Why do 'mining drones' have torpedo launchers?.."
-The House of Torg Battlecruiser never returned fire or made effort to attack me in any way. It just slowly moved forward at cruising speed.

-=House on Fire=-
-No real issues to report - other than perhaps that I was able to easily avoid fighting several of the brigand cruisers.

-The mission tracker should probably mention the Orith System is in the Psi Velorum sector block. (Also, can the zoom scaling for the Regulus block please be returned to where you can see the entire map at once?)
-"Somehow, the scale of this Bird of Prey feels... small"

-=Temporal Ambassador=-
-"You know, working with Franklin Drake in this mission.. has a completely different perspective after the new Klingon introduction storyline.."
-No real issues to report.