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Although there was some discussion in the past about that topic I would like to raise it again since I feel it was just lost.

Seriously - the singularity cores abilities are nice and fun in PvE but not really usefull in PvP - and they can not compensate for the -40(!) on energy levels. The Battle cloak can not compensate for that either ... hit and run sounds like a valid strategy in PvP - but it does not work against tanks. In a direct competition fed/kdf-ships will have a much higher survivability and firepower thanks to their higher energy levels:

- more energy on weapons = more damage
- more energy on impulse engine = more speed = more damage resistance
- more engery on shilds = faster shild regeneration
- more energy on aux = boosts many science skills

So please add the option to change the singulartiy core in warbirds for warp cores to get 50 base energy - or maybe some kind of "pvp singulartiy core" which comes without the abilities but with 50 base energy.

At this point I would like to at a quote from the April Ask Cryptic:

Q: (dontdrunkimshoot) Will STO soon be able to use the Neverwinter PvP tools so PvP can finally get some attention?

STO Team: PvP is on the radar and something we?d like to update for STO. Stay tuned! Also, we are all proud of the recent graduates from PvP Boot Camp, and all the organizers and coaches! Great job to all involved with that program.
I'm pretty sure that adding a mechanig to the game which will be a penalty for romulan players in PvP will not do PvP good in any way ...