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I finally finished the race background information . Enjoy!

RACE: Quoria
Plural: Quoria
Singular: Quorian
Governing Body: The Quorum
Nicknames: The Tall, Tahl, Tal (short a)


The Quoria are a species that begin life under water; from an egg, to a tadpole-like creature, and finally to their amphibious bipedal stage.

When compared to other species seeded by the Progenitors, the Quorias' physical evolution to their modern day amphibious forms was spread over millions of years. The Quoria have 60% of the latent Progenitor genetic tree active in their genes; this is a unique trait as most other seeded species have at most 10-20% of the latent Progenitor genes active. Their physical bodies do not possess anything more than some cartilage in the cranial area and limb extremities, rather their bodies are composed of several different fluid fill sacs. The brain of a typical Quorian is not too dissimilar from the Odontoceti of Earth (or dolphin cetaceans as they are more commonly known), except for the fact that the hippocampus occupies two-thirds of the Quorian rostral area; this fact might play a large part in their excellent navigational skills; they are sensitive to the resonance of song and the rhythms of life on a planet or ship.

Skin coloration varies as shades of blue (with perhaps subtle hints of other colors). Typically patterning on the crest portion of their heads are more varied in color, but follow a vertical stripe pattern. To the untrained eye, most Quoria look alike, however their are subtle differences in crest size as well as other slight anatomical differences.

The gender is primarily 'female', as all eggs are born 'female'. However, when a time of spawning has come, a few will undergo a transformation and become 'male' so as to fertilize an egg cluster. This change is permanent.

In their bipedal form, the Quoria are a highly evolved form of aquatic species come from what once was an ocean world. They are a wise and urbane people that possess a high 'emotional intelligence', a trait that makes them more capable to connect and commune with their environment and less sentient species. They work hard to be in balance and harmony with almost everything, from foreign relations to their physical environments. There evolution has instilled within them an incessant need to control their environments, often acting as 'shepards' to the natural processes and cycles of other living creatures. This attitude and form of psionic symbiosis is mostly directed to other aquatic species on their home planet, and not often directed to other member races of the Federation.

Because of their varied physical forms and metamorphosis, the Quoria see life as stages where one must explore all its mysteries before the next stage of transformation. It can be said, that when one looks up at the surface from beneath the waves, one sees the 'next world/stage' as a shimmering distortion. The Quoria view the universe and death as an important step before the next stage of ascension. Each stage throughout their known/documented life cycle is often referred to as 'Breaches'.

The Quoria are structured into various nomadic pods where a single matriarch takes the lead. They prefer pack mentality as opposed to a lone wolf ideal. Each pod is semi-independent but obviously the more long-standing or powerful ones have more say during group congregations and can act as a representative of their people.

600,000 years ago
■The Tkon Empire collapses. (TNG: "The Last Outpost")
-> 80,000 years following the collapse of the Tkon Empire, the Quoria on Galorndon Core have begun forming social pods and can thusly be considered a civilization.

500,000 years ago
■Civilization first begins to flourish on Bajor. (TNG: "Ensign Ro")
Captain Jean Luc Picard stated in his log that the ancient Bajorans had flourished "when Humans were not yet standing erect". Homo Erectus existed on Earth from about 1.8 million years to about 200,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens began to emerge at about 200,000 years ago.
-> The Quoria enter an age not too different from Earth's Ancient Mesopotamia Golden Age.

200,300 years ago
The Quoria have become sub-light capable and begin to more thoroughly explore their home system; jumps in technology were in part due to a large cache of Tkon artifacts found on their planet. They discover warp technology, but are subsequently attacked and subjugated by an invading force (The Iconians). Progress halts and the Quoria enter a 'dark age'.

200,000 years ago
■The Iconians, a highly developed civilization, are destroyed in an orbital bombardment of their home world. (TNG: "Contagion"; DS9: "To the Death")
-> The Quoria, along with a few other rebelling civilizations, participate in the orbital bombardment of the Iconian home world. Shortly thereafter, Quoria leave Galorndon Core, after it was adversely affected by the activation of the Iconian Gate on the Dewan home world (now New Romulus).

What remains of their species, becomes nomadic and goes into a self-imposed isolation to recuperate their devastating losses. They survived in what is believed to be a multigenerational ship not too dissimilar from that of the Voth. The Quoria are few in number but are able to stay a few steps ahead due to their technologically advanced abilities. Quality over quantity as they say.

With the return of the Iconians, and the ever decreasing divide in technological capabilities... the Quoria realize that their long time of isolation is soon ending. More recently, they have settled on an artificial world, Nova Core, only reachable by a transwarp gateway.

In 2366, a Romulan scout ship crashed onto Galorndon Core's volatile surface. The Starfleet vessel U.S.S. Enterprise-D was sent to investigate, and recovered a single survivor from the crew. In actuality, this was a partial cover-up created by the Quoria so as to keep an Iconian gateway hidden. They currently monitor Galorndon Core for additional traffic, but so far it remains an 'undesirable' planet in the eyes of the current quadrant powers. Interestingly enough, because of the Quoria's past communication and psionic symbiosis with the Gekli life forms, Galorndon Core remains a normal stopover for the space born species even though the Quoria no longer inhabit the planet.

IKKABAR: Native Race Subjugated by the Iconians (extinct as of 2355 (TNG: Contagion)

DEWA (DIHWAN): Native Race Subjugated by the Iconians (extinct, home planet is now New Romulas, Tau DEWA Sector)

DYNASSIA: Race Subjugated by the Iconians

NOVA QUORIAN (The "Tal/Tahl/Tall"): ? Home planet was in Galorndon CORE System, Tau Dewa Sector) (perhaps a moon (Nova) that orbits the Galorndon planet)
Tau Dewa Sector Block
Galorndon Core System
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