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05-17-2013, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
They probably won't do that, but if it were to happen the D'D would get balanced in some other way with lower stats elsewhere, so not worth it.

How about learn to pvp with big ships instead first before saying the D'D is unplayable. Or just stick to PVE with the D'D if you can't be bothered to do that. Now if you can't manage PVE with this ship just because of turn then you need to stick to escorts.
I do pvp with big ships. I do know how to play, quite well. And anybody can get top damage in ESTFs in any ship in their sleep.

I am not saying or have ever said that the D'd is unplayable. I have been asking why this ship must suffer a disadvantage in turn rate as compared to the other cruisers. It is not a carrier, nothing in this game sticks to canon, and the reasoning of it being so is to balance out it having BC, DHCs and singularity powers, makes no sense because the other romulan ships suffer no such disadvantage for having access to the same thing. Aside from lower power, but cruisers have that too.

What is the rationale behind it?

If you do fine with your low turn cruiser, that's great, good for you. Everyone I seem to fight is running dual omegas so TB or EWP doesn't hold them for me as well as you, but oh well. Yours is also a carrier yes? So there is that. I haven't done much pvp in a carrier so I can't say how much different it is. I have killed quite a few though as its pretty easy to stay out of their arc, even in a fed ship. So I guess I really don't know what kind of advice you are trying to give me, aside making your point while being a ****head? The attitude is really not needed.