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05-17-2013, 05:58 PM
everything that boosts turn rate does so with a multiplier. thats why the base number is so important. start with 16, easily end up with 40. start with 5, you wont even get 20.

the d'deridex aint no good at being a flying hospital with that many stations taken up by tac, and its not any good at being a battle cruiser with that turn rate that there is nothing you can truly do anything about. nothing that will get you to the mid 20 to the low 30s turn rates you need to be a decent tactical cruiser. spamming faw only kills npcs, its harmless vs any player.

the ship cant do anything right as it stands. a turn rate of 8 or 9, (followed by a buff to every cruiser and carrier turn rate by 1-3,) and the droping of the 2 ENS stations for a LT eng, or uni are needed for this ship to be somewhat useful, as a kirker cruiser.

keep on drinking the RP coolaid though, about how its size should prevent an ok turn rate, as if size has any effect at all on escort turn rates. even the great big ones automatically get a great turn rate just for being escorts. a battle cruiser turn rate is not a lot to ask for a battle cruiser.

even the lower section of the ha'apax, the escort, has a 16 turn rate. that solid section in the middle of that ship? its has at least the d'deride's volume, if not more. it gets a 16 turn rate. the top section thats a sci ship? which has MUCH higher volume? twice the d'deridex's turn rate. theres a 10 turn rate to laugh like an idiot about.
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