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05-17-2013, 06:22 PM
Ok, having tinkered with my Science captain's Traits a bit I've found more issues. Field Researcher does not seem to apply to everything it should; I assume the damage is only intended to apply to basic ground attacks and not damaging powers.

I have tested with the following display results:
---Nausicaan Tegolar Sword, Nanopulse Edge Bat'leth, Tritanium Rending Bat'leth
------No bonus: Slash (left, Expose Attack), Slash (right, Exploit Attack)
------Bonus applied: Sword Pummel/Cross Strike
---Klingon Honor Guard Pulsewave Rifle
------No bonus: Photon Grenade Launcher
------Bonus applied: Pulsewave Setting, Rifle Butt
---Polarized Disruptor Split-Beam Rifle
------Bonus applied: Beam Setting, Rifle Butt
------Bonus applied, a lot: Auto-Targeting Beam (claims to be +225)
I am unsure if the damage bonus is being or not; since I lack a combat log parser I just used basic observation. While I did see an increase in damage against debuffed targets, I noticed no difference between testing with/without Field Researcher.

I would ask anyone with a combat log parser and a Science captain to test this in more detail and post your results here. Creativity needs testing for this as well, as tooptips indicate that it is also under performing.

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