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# 20 One forgotten fact
05-17-2013, 08:27 PM
Sander233, awesome post.
Thanks for taking all of this info from all of these sources and putting them in one place.

However there is one fact about the Gorn Hegemony that gets overlooked, that it is a Hegemony.

There are several ways to use the term hegemony, but a cultural hegemony is a system where one ruling group (the hegemon) dominates the other groups culturally. They do this by setting / manipulating the beliefs, norms and values of the others so that the hegemon's worldview becomes everyone's worldview. Sort of like the way Western powers tried to supplant native cultures in North America, Africa... etc. during the 18th & 19th centuries.

So if Gorn society uses a strictly hegemonic system we can imply some interesting things:
  • Whichever group is dominate will set the culture for all of the Gorn. No doubt the monarch rules the dominate group.
  • Gorn space could potentially be a series of worlds that are officially independent but who all follow the monarch for cultural rather than political reasons.
  • A group of Gorn would be super zealous about protecting & controlling their turf from the other groups since both their culture and their independence are at risk.
  • Any species the Gorn dominate would probably keep their native government but would be expected to adopt Gorn culture.
  • Whoever conquers the Gorn (i.e. the Klingon Empire) and becomes the new dominate group will find many Gorn quickly, if not happily, adopt the victor's cultural values. This would help explain why conquered people are serving as "Klingon warriors" so soon after their conquest.

Just some thoughts and ruminations.

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