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Originally Posted by wardcalis View Post
I use DBB on it and I don't think DHCs should ever be viable for it. I was thinking more along the lines of it becoming a torp boat, for a build like that you need better turn than what we have, you don't need 10+ but you need more than the current base

A base of 7-8 would be a huge improvement and if it's not going to get that it needs a significant boost to it's hull. In a drawn out fight the reliance on the stealth will be the undoing of this ship.

and for the record at sub-light speeds the D'Dex can out maneuver the galaxy according to cannon both in speed and turn. It is only slower at warp. I don't think cannon should play a part in ship balance though.
Allow me to propose using the Ha'Feh Assault warbird. with four weapons in front, three in back a base turn rate of sixteen and base hull of 31000 it could make an excellent torpedo boat..