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05-18-2013, 07:36 AM
I can heartily recommend any and everyone to never touch Panda Media Booster or any similar "boost" program. They do in fact not speed up anything, but rather it blocks everything that isnt whatever its "boosting". Nearly all of them contain spyware and other things logging what you do.

Why the hell would anyone with even half a brain sticky a thread recommending spyware programs to phantom boost downloads?

Do it properly like us europeans, tweak your registry and optimize your networks card and remove throtting built in your OS. Speedguide threw most of those optimization down in a simple program even.

That is the only program in existance that actually can boost TCP downloads and torrent connectivity by optimizing networks cards and removing OS throttling afaik. You change your local settings with it once and then its done till you reinstall windows or whatnot.

And the instructions to run it? Download, run, drag the slider closest to your internet connections speed or just 100Mbit/s, tick in optimal settings in the general settings and and advanced settings tabs, apply changes and reboot as registry key changes dont apply till you reboot..

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