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# 3 Duplicate projects
05-18-2013, 08:24 AM
I've noticed as you progress you have the option of choosing a project from the previous tier. Similarly, you can choose a project in the current tier and once complete that project is still there to be selected a second time. I've noticed this on both Romulan and Omega Reputation trees. This should be considered a bug.

The Reputation skills should only allow you to do a project ONCE and not multiple times for the same Tier. I've sent support/bug tickets regarding this issue and guess what?, for me at least I get the support ticket number but when I go to "View My Tickets", there aren't any. Also, I've sent a support ticket in regarding that issue as well. Support tickets should NOT just be dismissed. It's rude and leaves the player wondering WTF. At the least, when support tickets are sent in that have already been addressed in the forums, a robo-message should indicate that so you know to go and research it. This is especially helpful if you've already looked through the forums but didn't find anything regarding the issue.