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*U.S.S. Victorious.*

Alpha: Sir...

*Ryan looks at Alpha at the Ops station.*

Alpha: We are receiving a secure communique from Captain Allen.

Ryan: Put it through to my Ready Room.

Alpha: Yes sir.

*Ryan turns to Wenj beside him.*

Ryan: You have the Bridge.

Wenj: Aye, Captain.

*Ryan stands and walks into his Ready Room. He sits down and activates the console at his desk.*

Ryan: Captain Allen. Honour to meet you.
Allen: Honor is mine Captain..

However I am sure you know that Voporak has indeed messed with the timeline given his vessel... Not to mention his request of me and my ship. One that is put me in an uncomfortable position... Since dealing with the True Way has to of earned me animosity with the elements of the Dominion.

I do not wish for this to go south and cost lives. Or gain the ire of this Admiral. I was wondering what you have in mind.