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Hello and Welcome to my new Foundry thread!

Like with the old one, this thread is about me playing your Foundry missions.

So do you have a decent foundry mission or perhaps several, that you would like me to play and stream/record?

If so, please post all the info I need (including author name and any link you might have) in this thread and I'll go try it out.

All missions I play will be named/credited and saved on and youtube (unless I screw up too bad Then I'll redo it.).

They will be in the format: music in the background and full screen gameplay.




If the above should not work out good for some reason, I might switch to fraps and just upload to YouTube instead.

Info I need: Mission name and ID, Author name, Level/Requirements if any, Description and Link to Mission thread if you have one.

I may now also play your KDF missions, so post them if you want to see my Orion.

Missions Played Or should it be Played Missions..?

In the Shadow of MIDAS, Part 1 - By greendragoon: YouTube ~ Twitch

The Far Wanderer - By ajstoner: YouTube ~ Twitch

Return to Armageddon - By bluedarky: YouTube ~ Twitch

Crisis on Calypso - By Ranger_Ryu: YouTube ~ Twitch

An Old Flame - By Zonzai: YouTube ~ Twitch

Fire On Ice - By Zonzai: YouTube ~ Twitch

The edge of the universe. Ep-1 - By Akurie: YouTube ~ Twitch

Ultimate Deathmatch - By cmdraftbrn: YouTube ~ Twitch

Alexandria Insident - By Gingie: YouTube ~ Twitch

L.F.V. Saga Ep 1: Relapse - By Gingie: YouTube ~ Twitch

Star Trek: Allegiance: "Thorns of Shadow" - By chicochavez: YouTube ~ Twitch

Star Trek: Allegiance Part 2: "Iron Rogues" - By chicochavez: YouTube ~ Twitch

Star Trek: Allegiance Part 3: "Scavengers of the Storm" - By chicochavez: YouTube ~ Twitch

A Holo Peace - By Gingie: YouTube ~ Twitch

Sisyphean Ordeal - By Gingie: YouTube ~ Twitch

The Sky Above, The Clouds Below - By malize: YouTube ~ Twitch

Scepter of Minos - By malize: YouTube ~ Twitch

The Second Light - By stardestroyer001: YouTube ~ Twitch

The Tangled Webs We Weave - By ashtaku: YouTube ~ Twitch

The Beta Rana Incident - By marhawkman: YouTube ~ Twitch

Where one man has gone before - By admiralburk: YouTube ~ Twitch

Shekaris - By admiralburk: YouTube ~ Twitch

Long Lost Friend - By amahood: YouTube ~ Twitch

Long Lost Friend 2 - By amahood: YouTube ~ Twitch

The Mysteries of Pon Farr - By Bazag: YouTube ~ Twitch

Starfleet Experimentation - By Bazag: YouTube ~ Twitch

Kai Hard - By Bazag: YouTube ~ Twitch

More Than Just Missing - By Bazag: YouTube ~ Twitch

Capital Ship Combat Simulation - By .Spartan: YouTube ~ Twitch

Desperate Prey - By djf021: YouTube ~ Twitch

Just Another Uneventful Day - By Tepeu: YouTube ~ Twitch

Hidden Intelligence - By Bazag: YouTube ~ Twitch

Picking Up The Pieces - By solastrius: YouTube ~ Twitch

The Mouths of Beasts and Babes - By Capt.PFDennis: YouTube ~ Twitch

A time to search - By lincolninspace: YouTube ~ Twitch

Memory Lane - By Bazag: YouTube ~ Twitch

Ghosts of the Polmar Ree - By Bazag: YouTube ~ Twitch

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